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Welcome to Hamazkaine Tarkmanchatz School

Established 1965

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to Hamazkaine Tarkmanchatz School, where we hope your child will enjoy learning Armenian though various modalities.  We are committed to providing language and literacy skills, educating students about significant cultural and historical events, and teaching them a variety of songs and poetry, both old and new.

Given that we are a Saturday school, we are aware that most children will be learning Armenian as a second language, whilst some may come to the school with a much stronger language base.  We are guided by the NSW Department of Education and Training Curriculum re: teaching a second language.  Further to this, we are aided by prominent international academics on a regular basis who provide assistance to teaching staff on modern Armenian teaching practices.

We hope that the following information will be useful in your transition to Tarkmanchatz, and hope that you will not hesitate in speaking with your child’s teacher or member of the Hokapartsutyun if you have any concerns.

Hamazkaine Tarkmanchatz School

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