Parent Handbook

School Venue and Hours:

Tarkmanchatz is very fortunate to use the facilities at Willoughby Public School, Oakville Rd, Willoughby.  As we do not have our own grounds, it is requested that all students and families respect WPS’s property.
School commences promptly at 1.00pm and concludes at 5.00pm each Saturday during the NSW school term.


In the event that a student is going to be absent from school, it is requested that parents inform their child’s class teacher directly.  In the event that a student has been absent for more that 2 weeks, parents will be contacted by their child’s teacher.  It is each parents responsibility to ask their child’s teacher to forward any work they may have missed during their absence.


Our infants classes (Mangabardez) are named Red, Blue and Orange (the equivalent of the previously named Dzil, Gogon and Dzaghig).
Our lower primary classes consist of Year 1 and Year 2, whilst upper primary is from Year 3 to Year 6.  In the past, Tarkmanchatz has provided classes from Year 7 to Year 9, and would be able to provide this service once again upon demand.

The following is a rough guideline for classes:

Red Class:   3-4 years
Blue Class:   4-5 years
Orange Class:   5-6 years – or year child starts Kindergarten
Year 1-6:   Years 1-7 at mainstream school

School Uniform:
Tarkmanchatz has polo shirts with the school logo, and therefore can only be purchased from the school.  The following is required for students at various levels:

Red Class:   Red school polo shirt, with a black skirt (netball preferably) for girls and black shorts for boys.  In the winter, girls can wear black tights under their skirts, and boys can wear black pants.

Blue Class:  Blue school polo shirt, with a black skirt (netball preferably) for girls and black shorts for boys.  In the winter, girls can wear black tights under their skirts, and boys can wear black pants.

Orange Class:  Orange school polo shirt, with a black skirt (netball preferably) for girls and black shorts for boys.  In the winter, girls can wear black tights under their skirts, and boys can wear black pants.

Years 1 – 6:  White school polo shirt, with a black skirt (netball preferably) for girls and black shorts for boys.  In the winter, girls can wear black tights under their skirts, and boys can wear black pants.

School Jacket:  The school jacket also has the school logo, and therefore can only be purchased from the school.

Shoes:  Black school shoes/sneakers. Ballet slippers, sandals or thin soled shoes are not acceptable as they pose a risk in a school environment.

Socks:  Short white socks in summer. Girls can wear black tights in winter.

School Routine:

School starts promptly at 1.00pm. We gather near the play equipment where the students line up in their class lines. There is a short school assembly at which time students sing the Armenian National Anthem and pray before they are led inside by their teacher.

Recess is at 3.00pm for 20 minutes.  This can be extended by 5-10 minutes for special occasions.

School concludes at 5.00pm, and we ask all Mangabardez parents/caregivers to collect their children directly from their class and sign the class roll upon pickup.  We encourage all parents/caregivers to leave the school premises as promptly as possible.


Each class is assigned a teacher, with some also having access to a support teacher/second teacher.  All our staff have extensive knowledge in Armenian language, literacy, history and culture, and target teaching to appropriate levels.  We are also fortunate to have a designated choir teacher.  All staff complete necessary Working with Children checks.


The school is lead by a Principal (or Leadership Team), who is supported by the staff.  They in turn are supported by the Hokapartsutyun, which consists of school parent volunteers.  The school is also supported by Shant Committee, who provide delegates to the school to assist with additional needs.

The Hokapartsutyun consists of the following:
–          A president, treasurer, secretary and parent/staff liaison.  Additional roles are also required at different times.  Each of these roles is integral in the functioning of the school, and is solely dependant on parent volunteers.  Each member has assigned tasks and are also active in school fundraising endeavours.

Assessments, Homework and Reporting:
Students in Mangabardez and lower primary classes are assessed on a regular basis and have minimal homework requirements.  Students in upper primary classes are also assessed on a regular basis, have class work related homework tasks and may also sit examinations.

Outcomes from assessments are provided in a school report, which are issued at the end of Semester 1 and 2.  Parents are requested to return their child’s report at the end of Semester 1 signed, so that it may be completed for Semester 2.

Behaviour management:

Each class has designated classroom rules.  These rules assist with making sure that learning and safety are clearly known to be the priorities within our school.  In addition, the school has a behaviour management plan which is used to address any difficult behaviours.  Parental support is an integral part of this plan and is appreciated.

Helping your child settle into school:

Please ensure your child has gone to the toilet before school starts. Of course students are able to go during school time, but we encourage students to do this to minimise class time disruptions.

If your child is feeling anxious about starting school, we recommend you walk them to their classroom, help them settle into their class and leave as soon as possible.  It is hoped that this will help them settle into their class routine as quickly as possible.

If your child is still unsettled, all of which is normal, you can tell them you will be back at recess time to be with them.  Parents are welcome to come back, or remain at school.  We request that if you remain at school, that you do so in an area that is not in direct sight to your child.  You will be called if needed, with alternatives discussed. Obviously this is not necessary if the child is settled.

Parent participation:

Parents are requested to provide assistance with supervision twice a year during school hours.  This is necessary, as the grounds are large and require supervision. Duties during this time include:

–          Supervising students entering and exiting the bathrooms
–          Supervising students during recess
–          Assisting with any stocktaking/photocopying if required
–          Assisting within the classroom if required

A roster is distributed at the beginning of the year, with reminders placed in the weekly newsletter.  If a parent is unable to make their designated week, it is requested that they arrange a swap with another parent on the roster.  If this is not possible, it is requested that you inform the Hokapartsutyun as soon as possible so that changes can be made.  As you can understand, ensuring the safety of students is our utmost priority, which requires appropriate supervision.

Each class is also required to have a class parent.  The class parent is given a contact list at the beginning of the year for their class, and is responsible for the co-ordination of any class activities (eg canteen, classroom volunteers etc).


The school has a weekly newsletter, which is our primary form of communication.  This newsletter is emailed to all families, and contains the following information:

–          Parent volunteer roster
–          Special events
–          Award winners
–          School activities
–          Canteen
–          Upcoming events
–          School venue changes (if Willoughby Public School is not available)
–          Fun facts

As you can imagine, a great deal of information is communicated through the newsletter, and therefore it is asked that all families take the time to read it each week.

If parents/caregivers have anything which they wish to discuss with their child’s teacher, it is requested that you arrange a time to meet/speak with them that does not impact class time.  Parents/caregivers are also encouraged to use their child’s homework book to write to their teacher if unable to meet/speak with them.

What to Bring – school requirements:

Parents/caregivers are asked to provide their child with a separate school bag/backpack for Armenian School. You can keep all their Armenian School requirements in this bag.

Please include in this bag (all labelled with child’s name):

–          A pencil case, containing coloured pencils, lead pencils, an eraser, sharpener and glue stick.  These items may need to be replenished throughout the year
–          Any class text books, writing books and homework book
–          A hat
–          Recess and a water bottle

Any other requirements should be communicated to you by their teacher.
As we have students who have allergies, we request that any recess sent to school is nut free.

We kindly request that all students have lunch prior to school, as they are not permitted to eat in the classroom, and must wait until recess to eat.  Concessions are made for Mangabardez students.

Younger students should also have a change of clothing and underclothing in their bag in case of accidents.

School Fees:

School fees are required to be paid on an annual basis.  These fees, in addition to any uniform and text book fees are requested to be paid promptly at the commencement of the school year.  A fee list is attached to the enrolment form.

You can check the fees by downloading the below document:

2018_School Fees


As we are a not for profit organisation, we are dependant on fundraising events to assist with the purchasing of school resources.  The school is reliant on parents to assist with organising fundraising events, making donations as well as participating in the events.  All funds raised remain within the school, unless a special fundraising cause is requested.  We greatly appreciate the support offered to the school by our parent body.

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